....... as their returns have risen by 25.6% in the last 5 years. Shepperton rents have risen, mortgage interest rates have fallen and demand for decent rental properties is outstripping supply. If you are a Shepperton buy-to-let landlord, or thinking of becoming one, this article is for you.

Yet since the pandemic, the tendency of OAPs to move home has significantly reduced. What are the reasons why Shepperton OAP’s aren’t moving as much and why this is an issue for everyone in Shepperton, including first time buyers.?

Are you looking to buy your first home? This new mortgage product could give you more options when buying your first property.

A chance to view this historic home before it is launched online

How to downsize gets talked about a lot these days, but many don’t discuss how to trade up when buying a new home. There’s plenty of reasons you might be looking for a bigger home – a growing family, a pet, a lack of space, a want for a home office. Ensure you follow our checklist to miss nothing when moving on up…

With a new season approaching, it’s always good to consider the ‘de-clutter and store’ for your home. Finding new ways to store away your items can leave your home feeling fresh, new, and ready to tackle the remainder of the year. Here are some simple storage solutions that will keep your house feeling tidy and everything in order, while still looking smart and stylish…

As the days turn cooler, leisure time is increasingly spent indoors and viewers take more notice of decor. To maximise your enjoyment and stage your home for the season, we share our top tips for Autumn…

Some are asking if the steam has been let out of the Shepperton property market? Yet with the gains we have seen in the last 12 months, is this just a minor bump in the road for homeowners and property investors? If you own property in Shepperton, you need to read this article to found out what is happening to your biggest tax-free asset

With UK house prices rising by 13.2% in the last 12 months, many Shepperton homebuyers have chosen to move into rented accommodation. In this article, I talk about what this means for Shepperton homeowners and Shepperton landlords and how it will affect the Shepperton property market as whole

The market is still busy with a great demand for property. Here we have a look at what buyers and tenants are looking for and reasons for the market being so busy.

Stunning apartment within a gated development with underground parking and no onward chain